The Sand Bluff Newsletter – Feb 2019

Waxwings, family Bombycillidae, are plump, silkysmooth, medium-sized, highly social birds. The name waxwing derives from the red drop-like tips of their secondary flight feathers,....Read the rest of our newsletter below or at this link: Feb 2019 The Sand Bluff Birder...

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Spring 2019 Season on the Horizon

Volunteers at Sand Bluff Bird Observatory are getting ready to put up nets for the 2019 Spring Season. We hope to raise the nets on March 2nd at 7 am (weather permitting). If all the nets are up, we will begin banding the following weekend. Please check our Facebook...

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We visited a week ago. My daughter was fortunate enough to release a blue winged warbler after it was banded. She is still talking about it as well as other birds she sees. The work done at the observatory is life changing in a very positive way. Keep up the great work. Carly S.

Sand Bluff Bird Observatiory is my favorite place to hike and go bird watching anytime of the year. I especially love the banding station where you can see volunteers band many different species of birds. Some are rarely seen in the wild. Like Owls and whippoorwills. Banding starts in March and continues through the summer and fall and ends sometime in November. Marie P.

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