Message From the President

Hello Members and Friends of SBBO,
In all the 25 years I have volunteered with SBBO, I can’t remember the station being closed to the public for this length of time. It’s unprecedented. Unfortunately, there is no certainly in how things will go with the virus this coming fall season. Currently things are looking somewhat grim. COVID-19 is on the rise in the South and Southwest and although Illinois is making progress, positive cases are again rising in neighboring Wisconsin. Sadly, for the safety of volunteers and visitors alike, we may have to continue to remain closed. SBBO wants you to know that we appreciate your continued support and good will. Stay with us. Eventually, this too will pass.
In the meantime, I recommend for those not already having done so, get out and enjoy nature. It will sooth your soul and revitalize your strength. I myself, will continue to be amused by the antics of a feisty pair of House Wrens that have chosen my yard to raise a second brood.
Sincerely and thank you,
Ivy Otto
President, SBBO


Latest Sand Bluff Birder – August 2020

  The day is the 28th of April, spring of 2020. Winter has been long and stressful, but on this day, I receive a gift that truly lifts my spirits. I amgreeted with the perky song of an old friend.It is May 9. I watch as he awkwardly maneuvers sticks into a nest...

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Sand Bluff Birder – February 2020

Everyone is familiar with the Blue Jay’s striking blue color and raucous jay-jay-jay call. Listen for its musical weedle-eedle; and the next time you think you hear a Red-tailed or Red-shouldered Hawk, check to see if it’s not a Blue Jay imitating their calls. Blue...

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Brewster’s Warbler: a hybrid warbler captured and tagged

Brewster’s Warbler: a hybrid warbler captured and tagged

And Whoosh! The migrating birds return! A strong south wind sent many beautiful birds into our area these last few days. Today our volunteers were able to capture this beautiful Brewster's Warbler: a hybrid warbler (a golden winged warbler and a blue warbler made at...

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