This video is from our 2017 season

Imagine your whole life has been spent in this cozy box with your siblings….your parents bring you lots of delicious food and take away your poo. Life is good! But your feathers start to itch and your muscles start to twitch….the box feels to small, your siblings are in your way and everything is uncomfortable. You poke your head out of the hole and feel wind through your feathers for the first time and see a massive expanse of green prairie grass and the COLORS from the blooming flowers! You WANT TO GO but you’re scared! Your parents agitate you by staying outside the nest, calling and holding a grub….you’re so hungry, curious and excited but, but but……hesitate. And then….all of a sudden you make the leap, spread your wings fully for the first time and feel the lift when the wind flows over your crisp new feathers!

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