The Sand Bluff Birder Newsletter – Aug 2018

Have you noticed how the sounds of the birds have changed? Gone are the declarations of territory and desires for a mate, replaced with the adolescent chicks begging for food and discussions about migration. After the frenetic energy of spring, now is the time to...

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Brewster’s Warbler: a hybrid warbler captured and tagged

And Whoosh! The migrating birds return! A strong south wind sent many beautiful birds into our area these last few days. Today our volunteers were able to capture this beautiful Brewster's Warbler: a hybrid warbler (a golden winged warbler and a blue warbler made at...

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Cameras capture action in our solar powered blue bird houses

This video is from our 2017 season Imagine your whole life has been spent in this cozy box with your siblings....your parents bring you lots of delicious food and take away your poo. Life is good! But your feathers start to itch and your muscles start to twitch....the...

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