Sand Bluff Bird Observatory Board of Directors – 2024

While Sand Bluff Bird Observatory has been banding birds on the same property since 1967, this group of volunteers became a non-profit organization in 1998.  This group of dedicated volunteers puts in many hours to do all the behind the scene’s work to make our research possible.

Board Officers:

  • President: Ivy Otto
  • Vice President: John Longhenry
  • Treasurer: Deb Eickman
  • Secretary: Anna Gray

Station Master:

  • Mike Eickman

Board of Directors:

  • Lee Johnson
  • Anna Gray
  • Stacy Taritas
  • Nora Loncar
  • Donna Hilton
  • Thelma Bottum
  • Mike Eickman
  • Ivy Otto
  • Deb Eickman
  • Esther Schippers
  • Steve Reischel
  • Sharon McCoy
  • John Longhenry
  • Kathy Hoel
  • Dave Seal
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